Shilly Shally Dilly Dally (seattlejo) wrote in circus_maximus,
Shilly Shally Dilly Dally

Whats there to eat in the house...

 Dinner Ideas
-Stir Fry with Tofu (1 package of pressed tofu and frozen asian veggies)
-Baked chicken with rice and veggies
-Chicken thighs with sticky ginger soy sauce
-Breakfast -Eggs, Sausage and toast
-Breakfast -Buttermilk pancakes and bacon
-Tuna caserole
-Taco Bake with ground beef, or chicken.
-Sweet and Sour Pork, make extra plain white rice for
-Fried Rice

-Frozen Asian Blend
-Frozen Carrots
-Frozen key west blend
-One more frozen blend
-Broccoli (bought fresh, not the  prepackaged stuffs)

Breakfast stuff
-Gyros meat

Once the turkey is thawed
-Turkey Meatloaf
-Turkey Meatballs
-Turkey burgers
-Turkey kabobs
(Turkey hedgies?)

Lunch stuff
-Turkey  meat
-Roast beef
-Cottage Cheese

If you think we are missing something desperatly, let me know for next grocery trip which will be two weeks from now.  (6/3)
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