Shilly Shally Dilly Dally (seattlejo) wrote in circus_maximus,
Shilly Shally Dilly Dally

Upcoming Events

So I'd like to schedule the following events...
-Slumber Party (limited number of folks, say 4-5 other women? Who would you want to invite?) Rob and Aron are welcome to stay home providing they dont mind us running around.
-Ice Cream Social. This worked so well last time that I'm looking forward to doing it again. I was actually contemplating doing it the Friday before the 4th. (July 2nd)
-Thank You Dinner for the movers- I know this one is all about me. I've got to work on the thank you cards and menu then we can have it.
-Party at Playland. - I'm thinking end of August/September for this one.

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