Shilly Shally Dilly Dally (seattlejo) wrote in circus_maximus,
Shilly Shally Dilly Dally

Dinner this week

Saturday - Steaks Potato salad Corn on the cob
Sunday - Pork Shoulder - Barbecue Sauce- Coleslaw Cornbread
Monday - Cream of potato soup with Corn and Chicken, Salad
Tuesday - Pulled pork sandwiches Rolls, Salad, Chips (Deb at Melissa's)
Wednesday Creamy Chicken noodles Casserole (Crockpot) Deb and Rob Harry Potter?
Thursday- Pastichio (premake on Wednesday) , Hummus, Pita, Green Salad with feta
Friday - Dont know yet. Pizza?
Saturday Mexican?
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